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Will You Find Love Again With The Magic Of Making Up? Find Out Now

Magic Of Making Up eBookI have to be honest. The Magic Of Making Up will never make it to the NY Times best seller list. Yes, it does give very good advice, but you can tell it was not penned by a professional writer.

Really who cares that much about proper grammar if the content the eBook contains is good. And yes, there is a lot of good information in this course that can help you.

Let me show you the table of contents of the Magic of Making Up. It is 8 chapters long consisting of 62 pages and you really need to follow all 8 chapters to succeed.

I did get an honest vibe when reading the book and it helped me out a lot.

My current relationship with my girlfriend is going really well thanks to this course. We are much closer today then we have ever been.
Allow me to tell you a little secret.


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My girlfriend and I broke up about three years ago. We had lived together for close to seven years. And, then it just fell apart and I didn’t really know why. All I knew is that we had lost the spark.
I could feel that she didn’t want me around anymore. We argued at the pettiest things and found excuses to do things with friends rather than each other. It didn’t help that her parents really didn’t like me and did their best to break us up. Yes, they were happy when they succeeded and our relationship ended.

She was the love of my life and I just thought she didn’t want me around anymore. So, we both finally decided to end it.

I moved away to a new job and learned a few weeks later her parents were already hooking her up with a friend that worked for her father. It was like a knife stabbed me when I learned she was seeing someone else.

I guess I was looking for some answers as well as comfort when I came across TW Jackson’s eBook, The Magic Of Making Up.
I read it from cover to cover. Though it wasn’t professionally written, it did have some really good insights about relationships. And, I told myself that I really wanted my girlfriend back and decided to follow the advice of the eBook.

I took away some valuable lessons on how to proceed next. The very first thing Mr. Jackson wrote about is accepting what has happened and learning more about myself and what caused my relationship to end. He wrote and I found it to be true that I needed to find my inner strength and confidence again. In a break-up you tend to start doubting and feeling sorry for yourself. This was so true for me.
The book taught me how to overcome these obstacles and become relationship healthy again. Only then he wrote, would I have a chance to try to rekindle my relationship.

T-Dub wrote about how I needed to re-discover what was good at the start of my relationship and then discover how my relationship turned bad. What I did when I first started the relationship made our bond stronger. I had to rediscover those things again.

Mr. Jackson recommends to give a broken relationship some distance for awhile. Maybe start going out with others and even try to get into dating again. This lets you see if you really want to go back and try to rekindle the romance with your ex. as well as discover that maybe you really do want to move on.

Honesty with yourself is very important. Once you know what you really want only then can you contact your ex and meet again. He explains how you need to act — and what not to talk about to help get back together again. Basically, it is rediscovering that spark you first had when you both started dating.

There is even a chapter in the eBook that talks about how to keep a relationship that is healthy — interesting for both of you — so you never get to the break up stage. I got a lot out of this chapter because I found what mistakes I had made. Yes, I made mistakes!
Well, long story short I followed the eBook and decided to contact my ex.
I learned from a mutual friend that my ex had broken up with the guy she was dating about 6 months before. I decided to give her a call and I followed T-Dub Jackson’s advice to the letter.

We started again slowly like the eBook recommended. In my case we casually dated again and rediscovered the relationship we once had. For me it took almost a year to get my girlfriend back. Well, it has been over a year and a half and we are still going strong. What can I say, but I owe a lot of it to the Magic Of Making Up. I eventually told my girlfriend about the eBook and she read it too.

I recommend you try the Magic Of Making Up if you have a relationship that has faltered or disintegrated. You have much more to gain then to lose by reading the eBook. Even for those that have a solid relationship this eBook has very good advice to help keep it strong so that you never have to struggle in your relationship and possibly lose the one you love.

Well, this is my story. Thanks for listening and a big Thank you to T-Dub Jackson who made it all possible for my girlfriend’s and my happiness. Please, you owe to yourself to check this out. You will be so happy you did.

Now, below is a link to T-Dub’s – The Magic Of Making Up Site. I urge you to check out the website and listen for yourself to his free advice and then decide for yourself if you would like to buy his eBook. You will really benefit from the information inside so please for your happiness – I urge you to check it out.

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You Discover Your Partner Is Cheating – What Do You Do?

Just two days back, when a friend of yours was facing the infidelity of her partner, you were thinking about everything going great in your relationship and were feeling blessed to have a great partner. Little did you know that everything would almost come to an end when you would find out that your partner is involved somewhere else too, and his sudden increased love for you during the last few days was just to cover his guilt.

The thought of leaving your partner is the first thing that will strike your mind, as it is not that easy to revive that old love and those feelings once you’ve been cheated on. This is the time when you might start suffering with an inferiority complex that caused your partner to get attracted to someone else. Rather than getting depressed at this time, think about the numerous other smart ways to deal with this emotional turbulence in your life.


Let your partner know how hurt you are. Be honest about your feelings. They should not feel as though you do not care. Don’t bottle up your emotions, and try to act as though their betrayal has not hurt you. Bottling up your emotions, and not communicating, will only lead to passive aggressive behavior, and that will not help you save your relationship.

Try to Understand their Point of View

Try to understand your partner’s point of view that led him to move out of your relationship. Empathizing with him will be very effective in getting your relationship back on track. Maybe they were reacting out of anger, or a feeling of abandonment. Understanding why they cheated on you will go a long way in helping you decide whether or not you want to continue with your relationship.

Visit a Professional

If the both of you really want everything to be like in the past, make a visit to a marriage counselor. If either of you are not willing to seek professional help, speak clearly about these issues at a personal level. Having a third person listen to the two of you will help you put emotions aside while you deal with the issues at hand. Try and keep the conversation focused on how the betrayal makes you feel, and how you can rebuild your relationship.

Know When to Give Up

If despite making all these efforts, your partner betrays you repeatedly, stop being emotional and get practical. Under no circumstances should you curse yourself for not being able to have a successful relationship. It’s not you who is breaking the commitment. At this stage, you must ask yourself, whether you can continue or if it is wiser to move on in life.


Is He Thinking Of Leaving You? Here Are The Signs

graphics4Men aren’t generally known for initiating conversations about their relationships. They don’t seem too interested in the topics that women usually talk about. So, when they decide they want to break up, it seems quite sudden to the woman.

But in reality they’ve probably been thinking about it for quite awhile. If a man decides he wants to end a relationship, this decision may happen in his head long before he actually takes action on it.

In the meantime, he may start acting out of character and quite different from the man you fell in love with. Until a man gets enough courage to tell you it’s over, you’re somewhat left in the dark and constantly left to guess what’s going on with them. But the signs are there. You just need to know what to look for.

He’s not as talkative as he used to be and generally keeps to himself when you’re around.

Men tend to be quiet when they’re uncomfortable around certain people. You’ve probably noticed he doesn’t talk about his day like he used to or divulge much information about his life in general anymore.

When you’re in his company, he gets very quiet. But as soon as his cell phone rings and he answers, his personality and charm pop back to life and he’s suddenly his old self again.

He rarely texts you anymore or has stopped altogether.

At first, he text you about everything, but now you’re lucky if you get one text a day. Men usually text on a whim about whatever they’re feeling or thinking at the time.

Once this stops, it indicates you’re no longer in his thoughts or priority one. Does he talk to you as if you’re a stranger on the phone? This is a red flag that he’s probably already moved on, at least in his mind.

He’s working longer hours just to stay away from you.

Several men love their jobs and go the extra mile in an effort to further their career. We’re not talking about those men.

We’re talking about men who voluntarily take on more work and longer hours just so they can avoid seeing less of you. Hurts, doesn’t it? You’ll notice the change in them as compared to their previous behavior.

He would rather watch sports than to have sex with you.

If your man is constantly coming up with excuses, especially sports-related ones, about why he’s too busy to have sex with you, that’s an even bigger red flag.

Men are programmed to think about sex and want sex practically anytime, anywhere. So, if he’s consistently turning you down, something has changed, and not for the better.

He doesn’t bring you around his friends anymore.

When you two first got together, he couldn’t wait to introduce to his friends and family. But if he’s going out with his friends more frequently now and leaving you at home while he’s out doing whatever, he probably wants the two of you to end.

When relationships fall apart, it’s never easy no matter how long you’ve been together, how old you are, or what reasons led to the breakup. It’s just plain hard. How you leave a relationship though will determine the class of person you are. If it’s truly over, leave with your dignity intact.

There’s something better waiting for you in your future.

Make The One You Love Feel Special And Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Make Her Feel SpecialEven with what looks like the perfect marriage, there is work involved. If you don’t work on the marriage a little every day any marriage can fall apart. So, here are a few tips to keep your marriage alive and fun.

Have you ever noticed that even in marriages where the couples seem to have it all — looks, money, the perfect story — things sometimes fall apart? It leaves a lot of mere mortals without the fairy tale budgets and picture perfect smile stand a chance. The truth is, that the regular people of the world stand as much of a chance as those with big budgets to buy their girls a little bit of everything.


Because when it comes down to it, most girls aren’t proverbial material girls no matter how great of a show they put on. They may claim that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They certainly won’t turn them down when offered. But, what a girl really wants is to feel like the queen of your world and not just an afterthought. These simple steps might not sound like much, but they’ll make a world of different to the girl who is currently queen of your heart.

Sweat the Details

Many men follow the wrong advice when they listen to people telling them not to sweat the small stuff. Life is the small stuff. It’s the small stuff that passes by, ignored and overlooked, while you’re busy looking for the big statement items. Don’t let her get away because you were so busy looking for something monumental to show your love that you overlooked a thousand small ways you could have told her or showed her how you feel.

Kiss her Hellos and Goodbye – No Matter What

Life gets busy sometimes. It’s easy to overlook the details of what’s going on at home when you have a thousand different demands firing your way at the office or you’re worried about how you’re going to make ends meet next month. Whatever your worries may be, you should have no worry greater in your life than greeting your girl hello and leaving her with something to remember you by throughout the day.

The perfect solution?

A kiss.

It costs little and speaks volumes.

Give her a Night Off Each Week

There’s nothing the average busy wife and mother wants more than a night off each week. Come home and take over. Plan the meals. Feed the kids. Bathe the kids. Tuck them in. Draw her a bath and take over kitchen cleanup duties while she relaxes in the tub. It will feel like a little piece of paradise to her and show her just how devoted to her you really are.

Send her Silly Little Love Notes

They may seem silly to you, but these are the things she’ll read a thousand times over the years. She’ll wrap them in ribbons and take them out to look over whenever the road gets a little rough between you. If you continue sending them, she’ll often revisit them to see how things have changed, and how much they’ve stayed the same between the two of you.

You don’t have to spend ridiculous sums of money to show her that she really is the queen of your hearts. More importantly, these small gestures make her feel like she’s the queen of your world too.

Before You Can Trust Again You Must Learn How To Trust Yourself

You always hear that “trusting must be earned.” This is so true for everyone and especially for the ones that have betrayed your trust.  But what happens when your are betrayed? You are so hurt you put up an invisible rock solid wall so that person who did the dirty dead can’t get through. Sometimes it is so bad that no one can get through to you because you don’t want to be hurt again.

Don’t live a lonely dissatisfying life without a valuable relationship due to a breach of trust.

You can move beyond the pain of broken trust. Just because one person betrayed you, doesn’t mean everyone else will too. Trusting again means gaining the confidence that everything will work out for the best, or even better than before.

Two Kinds of Trust

Basically, there are two kinds of trust.

- Trusting Yourself
Trusting yourself means having the self-belief that all your decisions are based on kindness, love, and respect towards yourself.

- Trusting Others
Having faith and trust in others means believing that their choices in life are based on the kindness, love, and respect they have towards you. It’s harder to trust others if you don’t trust yourself first.

Be Kind and Loving to Yourself

You may think you have lost the ability to trust. But is that actually true? When you give your order at your favorite restaurant, don’t you trust they will bring the food to you? Even though there’s big trust and small trust, trust is still trust.

What you really want is to believe and relax in the fact that you won’t get hurt again. That takes trust. Focus on the positive aspects of people to bring out the positive in them. This will restore your confidence in others and bring back the trust factor.

You are Perfect Just the Way You Are

Contrary to what anyone says, you are a perfect and wholesome human being just the way you are. How do I know that? Because we all are. And the only reason you may feel like you are less than perfect is because you are not letting it naturally shine through, but it is definitely there.

No one has the power to take anything away from you – including trust. You can never be “less” without a certain person’s love, approval, and trust since you are “whole” in your natural state.

Encourage the Possibilities

Trust is an essential element to all human relations. You can’t start a new relationship if you truly believe that once someone betrays your trust, trust is gone forever.

You simply cannot live in a past relationship and expect your new one to succeed. If you are still harboring feelings of resentment due to a betrayal, your new partner will feel it and likewise not trust you.

How is this moving forward? It’s time to start trusting again and be happy.

Look for Trustworthy People

Trusting again means actively looking for trust and kindness in others. What does your gut feeling (intuition) tell you about this person?

If you are on the fence whether or not you should trust someone, watch and observe how they treat other people.

Keep in mind you can’t judge a book by its cover. Some of the most attractive people by all appearances have the ugliest behavior behind closed doors.

If you are in a new relationship, don’t give your heart away too fast. Start small and see where it goes. Even the smallest breach of trust is a red flag. This new person must earn both your trust and respect.

Generally, if someone is trustworthy with the little things in life, it’s a good indicator you can trust them with the big things as well.

Believe that you deserve a trusting and long-lasting relationship and you will increase your chances of manifesting it. Remember, what you think about comes about. Trusting again – you can do it.

Want A Happy Relationship? Then Do Something Different And Keep It Interesting

Everywhere you look whether it’s the news, television, or online, you constantly hear about the ending of some relationship. This celebrity left this one for that one; this person cheated and this one walked out – it goes on and on. 

If all the hoopla surrounding the integrity of relationships is true, we’re all in trouble.

It appears couples are now more than ever postponing divorce due to the state of the economy, encouraging advice from bloggers and reporters alike on how to co-exist with your estranged significant other. Maybe there’s a better way…

Are there any truly happy couples out there? Yes, of course. There are happy couples everywhere if you look. However, headlines that start with the word “divorce” rather than “happy” seem to draw a much larger audience. Sadly, people take a natural interest in conflict.

So, how do these so called “happy couples” stay happy through the typical ups and downs of a relationship, especially given today’s economic trials and tribulations? Perhaps they’re just lucky people. Or, maybe they’re just excessively submissive – “yes, dear”.

Some exciting new relationship studies have recently unveiled a few surprising facts that may conflict with your core beliefs. Consider the following ideas to determine how they relate to your current relationship or at the very least, offer you some new insight.

1. Communication Isn’t Everything
What? That can’t be right. Every relationship expert in the world will tell you that effective communication is at the very core of a solid relationship.

In the dictionary, communication is defined as effectively sharing or expressing feelings and ideas. While this is true of course, communication is hugely misconstrued in the eyes of many people since they interpret it as their spouse bombarding them with righteous opinions and veritable facts.

If you really stop and think about it, the happiest people on the planet are the ones who know how to listen to others and empathize with them. That’s not to say they always agree or don’t have their own opinions, but they sincerely make the effort to see things from their partner’s point of view. In other words, they’re more contemplative than communicative.

2. Date nights? Forget them
The whole purpose of date night is to enjoy the company of your partner, reconnect with them, catch up, and just get close to one another (sex). Date night is a great attempt to relight the fire.

However, after a grueling week at work, changing diapers, helping with homework, cleaning the house, and cooking for an entire family – there’s not much left of you. Cut to the chase and just get to the sex. There will be many date nights in your future.

Think of it this way – date night is a luxury while sex is a necessity. There’s no better way for two people who love each other to “connect” than through the act of sex. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

3. It’s Okay to Sometimes Go to Bed Angry
Your relationship isn’t always going to be peaches and cream. Sometimes, not everything can be worked out in one day, or one night.

You and your partner both may need to just take a breather and enough time to simply think about the issue at hand. “Sleeping on it” may be the best approach, and in the morning you may have a fresh new perspective on the matter and quickly resolve the problem.

Every couple is different. What works for some may not work for others, and that’s okay. The point is that each couple should follow their own path to success rather than doing exactly what the experts say, or what others believe is best for them.

Your Ex-Boyfriend Has Moved On – Now Learn How To Get Him Back

Your boyfriend has left you suddenly and  now you realize you want him back? Don’t be upset. There’s still a chance you can get him back. Please, don’t obsess or worry yourself sick about it, that’s not going to help the situation.

Here’s a bit of advice and some clever tips to help you learn what you can do to get your ex back into your arms; even if he’s found another woman and seems to have lost all interest in you.

1. Show Him You’re the Goods

Subtly show him that his life will be infinitely better if you’re in it. Unless he is 100% repelled by you (which he’s probably not), there are several things you can actually do starting at that point forward.

But if your relationship was deeply serious, that’s something you needn’t worry about because you two truly cared for one another and likely shared a strong history together.

2. Make Friendship the Basis of Your Relationship

If you’re smart, try to be a friend to him. Show him you can be a really great friend and that you understand what makes him tick. Let him see that you can be in his company without creating any drama or causing a scene.

Joke with him and make him smile. When he realizes that in spite of your breakup, you’re still the same interesting, friendly, funny, pretty and smart woman that he was originally attracted to in the first place; it will spark his interest and perhaps rekindle the fire. The bottom line is to just be yourself.

3. Initiate Conversation and Keep Your Cool

When you have a conversation with your ex, be civil and somewhat sweet, but do show him you have a little bit of backbone as well. After all, you don’t want to be his doormat do you?

You want him to want you, but you also want to give the impression that he may have to work a bit in order to get you. You’re a prize. Just naturally let the conversation flow and don’t try to force a point. If the two of you are meant to be together, you’ll be together. Just let nature take its course.

4. Let Him Know You’re Available

Try to come off with a little bit of attitude, but not too much that he’ll be put off by you – just enough to pique his interest and draw him to you.

Let him know you’re available in a clever sort of way but that at any moment the man of your dreams could snatch you away forever. Jealousy in small bits will work in your favor, but too much and you’ll just make him mad.

5. Never Seem Desperate

Whatever you do, never appear desperate, needy, or too emotional in front of him or it will send him running in the other direction full speed. That’s the opposite of what men want to see in a woman.

Just play it cool no matter how you feel inside. Let him know you couldn’t be better regardless of your painful breakup. You’re a great catch for any man, and he should consider himself extremely lucky for ever having you once.

Show him you’re not afraid to move on without him. Men are attracted to confident, self-assured, happy women.

However, if you appear desperate in front of him, you can pretty much kiss your chances good-bye of ever getting back together with him.

If possible, casually bring up fun times the two of you once shared together along with fond memories of a sweeter time. This will trigger his subconscious to associate your presence with the feeling of happiness.

At all costs, keep the conversation light-hearted and it will give you a stronger chance of winning him back. And if you don’t, there’s more fish in the sea. Fish with bigger and shinier scales just waiting for you to catch them!

Want To Get Your Man Back? – Learn How Without Looking Desperate

Desperate RelationshipIf you’re a female desperately trying to get your ex back, it’s likely you’re taking a needy approach that’s making you do things you normally wouldn’t do. Sound familiar?

Don’t be too hard on yourself though, we’ve all been there. You will survive this and come out better on the other side. In the meantime, this out-of-character, desperate behavior is only pushing him farther away and making you look like a doormat in his eyes.

Stop this dead-end behavior and try the following approaches instead to win him back and grow even closer than before with your dignity intact.

1. Don’t argue with him as to why the relationship ended no matter how difficult it may be. If he brings it up, just listen to him and do not disagree. Perhaps there’s some truth to what he is saying? Be the bigger person and acknowledge his point and simply apologize.

Would you rather be 100% right, or reconcile your relationship? Here’s a clue – rarely is someone ever 100% right about anything. As long as you know the truth, that’s all that matters. If you’re in the wrong, a little humble pie goes a long way.

2. Don’t point out all the reasons why he can’t live without you. Men don’t like it when women try to persuade them to do something they’re not ready to do. Begging him to come back only reinforces why he can in fact live without you very nicely. Keep in mind that desperate and needy are natural men-repellents.

Men are attracted to confident women who are happy. Remember, you’re a catch. You’re a prize. Any man would be lucky to have you. So don’t waste your time trying to convince any man to be with you. You are your own person.

3. Taking responsibility for the breakup on your part is a huge deal. Is it really fair to blame the whole thing on him? The answer is likely no although your ego probably begs to differ.
As the saying goes, “It takes two to make it and two to break it”. If you were being totally honest with yourself, surely there were some aspects of the relationship you could have handled better.

4. Wait and let him contact you. A man (the hunter) places value on something he has to work for. Don’t make things too easy for him. Rather than calling him in a moment of weakness, call a friend instead to express your feelings.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder and eventually he’ll wonder what you’re up to. He will contact you for one of the following reasons:

a. He’s curious how you’re doing without him and wonders what you’re up to
b. He wants a booty call whereby you should politely turn him down (you’re broken up, remember?)
c. He genuinely misses you and wants to see you

Only agree to see him and talk if the reason is letter c.

5. Make yourself priority number one. Put yourself first for a change and only worry about you. When he approaches you, don’t try to pick up where your relationship with him left off.
Show him you’ve evolved both mind and spirit since you were last together. And above all else, don’t let him convince you that you’re the sole reason for the breakup. Who started it is irrelevant at this point. How you both handle things from here on out is what matters now.

One last thing, and please be totally honest. Is he 100% worth getting back? Is really worthy of you? Simply put, you deserve nothing but the best.

Having Trouble Moving On? – Learn Why is it So Hard to Move On

You see some people go through breakups who seem completely unflappable. They never seem to lose their motivation or sense of self the way you have. You can’t figure out why you’re having such as hard time while other men just move on to the next girl and act as though their worlds haven’t stopped turning altogether.

The truth is that for some men, the world hasn’t stopped turning. They are able to move on because they never were fully invested in the relationship to begin with. But you can’t seem to let go and move on. Is there a reason you’re not able to put the past behind you and start to look towards the future again? The truth is there might be three.

1) Your Heart isn’t In It?

Your head may be ready to move forward, get out there, and start playing the field, but your heart still belongs to the girl that got away. Your heart has you convinced that there’s still a chance, no matter how remote, and you want to try to make it work. You’re still hoping to get her back even if your head is telling you it can’t happen.

2) You Like What You Had

You’re not ready to give up on it. It was good between the two of you once upon a time. You believe, if you could just get her to see things your way, that it could be that good for the two of you again. It makes perfect sense to want to recapture something good that’s gotten away from you. It might even be possible. The place where you’re fuzzy is on how to make it happen.

3) You Don’t Think it’s Really Over

You believe that she still have feelings for you. They may be buried deep down inside, but you believe she still loves you. Chances are good that you’re right. Unfortunately for you, seeing the cold shoulder you’ve been getting lately, it seems like those feelings were buried very deep. The longer things go, though, the more time she has to deal with those feelings and put them to rest. That’s good news for you because if you play your cards right and give her the space she needs, there’s a good chance she’ll rediscover that love for you.

The thing to remember is that sometimes, it only takes going through the motions of moving on to realize how you really feel. Or, perhaps more importantly, to force her to confront how she really feels. While it’s never good, to play head games with the girl you love, sometimes it helps to let things ride a little while and see where circumstance take you.